About Us


We provide a dog walking service tailored to your needs. We can walk your dog(s) in your local park or neighbourhood. Or, with our air-conditioned transport, we can take them for a riverside walk, to the beach or to the countryside...whichever you prefer.

Be it a one-off or a regular walk your dog(s) will have individual attention. We DO NOT DO MULTIPLE OWNER appointments 
so you can be assured dog(s) will have our personal 
undivided attention and care.

We will ensure they are properly cleaned, dried and watered on their return to your home, so no muddy paws to come home to!
We will also provide poo bags and treats for their walk. Treats as approved by you!

If you have a new puppy we can arrange visits for midday feeds, and garden walks to help with toilet training and to help to avoid accidents!


We can visit your house up to twice a day to clean, feed and play with your feline friend. No need to stress your cat by taking them off to a cattery while you are away. We will make sure they are well cared for, fed and happy in the comfort of their own home.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens etc ?? No problem! We can feed them, change their water and clean their bedding!
 If you have fish we can switch lights on/off, feed them and check water temperatures as needed.


We can also do house checks ie  open/shut curtains, put lights on/off , take in post, milk or papers making sure your house is secure.
With our air-conditioned transport we can help with vets visits.
Depending on other commitments we can sometimes provide transportation to dog shows/events.


Dog Walking

         1 hour............£10.00
                       30 mins...........£7.00            

50% discount on 2nd & subsequent dogs from same owner

   Small Pet care, Puppy visits & House checks

      30 min visit.....£7.00

My first visit is free. This will be a home visit for you and your pet(s) to meet me, to find out your requirements and to complete registration forms.

For any other requirements re transportation to vets , shows etc please contact us for a quote.

Contact Us

Please contact us to enquire about our services

Jane Barrett
Berwick Upon Tweed

Telephone 07407 696358